Announcement of the awarding of the contract for turning the areas of Mazar-Kabul highway and construction of concrete iron channel above the corridor in front of Sheikh Mohammad Sediq Shahab school.


It is hereby brought to the notice of the public companies in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 43 of the Procurement Law that Mazar-e-Sharif municipality is considering a contract for the paving of the asphalted and partially destroyed areas of the Mazar-Kabul highway and the construction of a concrete iron channel above the corridor in front of the Sheikh Mohammad Sediq Shahab school، located in the 6th district of Mazar Sharif municipality، according to the dimensions and estimate of the general engineering management of the sector and technical department to Azim Salim construction and construction company holder of license number 90131 at a total price of 1235370 one million two hundred thirty five thousand three hundred give seventy afghanis.
Individuals and legal entities that have any kind of objection in the context can submit their objection in writing along with the reasons for it from the date of publication of the notice to the Mazar Sharif Municipality in accordance with the provisions of Article 50 of the Procurement Law.
This notice does not mean the conclusion of a contract until the above-mentioned deadlines are completed and the contract will not be concluded during the following legal procedures.

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