Mazar-e-Sharif Municipality believes that it has provided best possible services for citizens with no exception, in accordance municipal law, and other bills and regulations. It has accepted replication and accountability as its top priorities.

Message from Mayor of Mazar Municipality

1 year 5 months ago

Mazar-e-sharif Municipality Tries day and night as a services and budgetary institution,to provide same and standard services in 12-Area for citizens under the basic and difficult condition.

This institution strive for more than two million people. It Also emphasize the serious cooperation of citizens in order to preserve the environment and city cleanliness.

We think for a dream city and you will help us to fulfill it.


Ahmaq Tawfiq Amini
Ahmad Tawfiq Amini

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Sat, Jul 31 2021 11:57 PM
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Hacked by Swan. | Fuck Taliban! Free Afghanistan!

در این همایش استاد غلام فاروق خپلواک و خانم ربابه نایبی معاونان مقام ولایت بلخ، دیپلوم انجنیر احمد توفیق امینی شاروال مزارشریف و هیت رهبری این ریاست، روسا و نماینده گان اداره های دولتی . . .

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Thu, Jul 29 2021 7:50 AM
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Cobblestone 950 meters of road in the10th district of Mazar-e-Sharif

Cobblestone 950 meters of road in the tenth district of Mazar-e-Sharif;

Diploma Engineer Ahmad Tawfiq Amini, Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif, was inaugurated with the participation of the. . .

Wed, Jul 14 2021 9:32 AM
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Citizens' complaints were investigated by the officials of Mazar-e-Sharif municipality

Citizens' complaints were reviewed by Mazar-e-Sharif municipalities,Diploma Engineer Ahmad Tawfiq Amini, Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif, examined the complaints of the people who had referred. . .

Mon, Jul 12 2021 7:23 AM
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The meeting of Mazar-e-Sharif mayor was held with the commanders of twelve districts

This meeting was held under the chairmanship of Engineer Ahmad Tawfiq Amini, Mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif, in the Department of Cleaning and Greenery.
 In this meeting, the Mayor of Mazar-e. . .

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Tue, Jun 15 2021 11:52 AM
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Announcement of Mazar-e-Sharif Municipality Bills and Promotions for (7) working days

Tue, Jun 15 2021 11:13 AM
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announcement of fixing metal plating project

According to the 1400 development and procurement plan, Mazar-e-Sharif Municipality observes the fixing of wooden shutters in the pots of (Rozai sharif) and the installation of shutters . . .

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Mon, Nov 30 2020 12:16 PM
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مزائیده بازار نخاس شهر مزارشریف

اسامی حاجی نور محمد ولد خیر محمد اجاره بازار نخاس شهر مزارشریف را برای مدت یک سال برنده شده است.

افراد و اشخاص شرکتها و موسساتیکه خواهش مزائیده آنرا طور قرارداد داشته باشند درخواست . . .

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Sun, Mar 22 2020 8:40 AM

شاروالی مزارشریف

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اعلان کاریابی

به منظور ایجاد اداره سالم و سپردن کار به اهل آن ریاست شهرداری مزارشریف طبق تشکیل منظور شده سال 1398 خویش به این تعداد بست ها را به اعلان سپرده است.

Thu, Feb 20 2020 12:23 PM
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شاروالی مزارشریف پس از این در این بخش بست های خالی را به اعلان می سپارد

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