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Enter submission data as name and value pairs as YAML which will be used to prepopulate the selected webform. You may use tokens.
# This is an example of a comment.
element_key: 'some value'

# The below example uses a token to get the current node's title.
# Add ':clear' to the end token to return an empty value when the token is missing.
title: '[webform_submission:node:title:clear]'
# The below example uses a token to get a field value from the current node.
full_name: '[webform_submission:node:field_full_name:clear]
Browse available tokens.
If you made a significant change, which means the other translations should be updated, you can flag all translations of this content as outdated. This will not change any other property of them, like whether they are published or not.
Leave blank for Anonymous.
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Briefly describe the changes you have made.

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